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Muxo Extended is a birth child of my obsession for hair and mythology.
On a good hair day we’ve seen personalities transform, it gives women this sense of empowerment and confidence, which at Muxo Moguls I decided to take upon myself the responsibility to deliver. These luxury segment real hair clip in extensions are synonymous with the super powers like that of a mythical character.
According to a leading research magazine, real hair is considered ‘black’ gold in the international market, for its equally precious and rare. At Muxo we provide only REAL hair, with no synthetic fibres or animal hair mix, further more all our sets are Double Drawn: where most shorter or broken hair is handpicked to deliver visibly thick ends which further makes it a premium.

please read the “Tips & Care” section to learn more about us.

Rehat Brar

Growing up we are all told to follow our passions.. but somewhere along the line and in the process of becoming adults, we forget our inner calling.
However, I tried following my inner calling, the generalised idea of ‘art and design’, but in the modern world, I came to realise a general idea was not enough.
After I finished my bachelor’s in fine arts, enhancing my god gifted talent, I realised that my love for painting manifests itself best when I’m doing makeup, than on the canvas. It’s a serious art form and the natural flair of application with the brushes and colours helped, I could understand different types of faces and hair textures, and deliver feature enhancement that was completely self taught.
While this world understands passion, it is sensible for one to work harder and always have an urge to learn more… you are never complete, and the process of learning never ends, it’s a cliche but the key to growth is in learning, as did I. Got myself some hands on experience in the bollywood industry, while learning the tricks of the trade i met some amazing personalities, working so closely with whom also teaches you how to be a better person. Basically, it helps you grow not just professionally but also personally.
I always am looking for new experiences, and to keep growing.


The background story brings us to present day, MUXO
MU stands for Makeup and XO for love – Makeup Love

The real heroes in this story are the brides, for the amount of trust they put in me and let me experiment on their “big day”. As a professional makeup artist breaking the monotony and delivering different looks per function is of key importance to me… the stars of each look being the eyes, and contouring.