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    How long would you like your extensions...

    Pro Tip: Above lengths are an approx idea for Straight texture, Wavy will appear 2inches shorter and curly 4inches shorter.


    • Visible thickness
    • Ideal to add volume upto 20 inches and length upto 22inches
    • Must try for rainbow colors, or darker and lighter tones than your own hair to create a beautiful balayage effect.
    • Rich thickness and bounce
    • A must for lengths 22 inches and above to get the best thickness out of your extensions, and to avoid thin, stringy ends
    • Pro tip: as the length increases the hair count drops to maintain the weight, therefore longer sets require more weight

    250gms available on request

    All Mogul extensions are Double Drawn: where smaller, shorter hair is handpicked to deliver you visibly thick ends, making it a superior quality product.


    Is your hair...

    Colour may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings

    If you have custom colours like 5.5, 4.5 so on and so forth.. we suggest you select a set in your base colour (black) and then get it coloured on by your colourist to match it a 100%. As one colour reflects divergently on different base colours.

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